The research consultancy that rips up the rule book

We challenge the industry, working at the intersection of data, human behaviour, technology and creativity. We fuse skillsets, embrace agility and apply the sharpest thinking, all to uncover the human side of our clients’ brands.

We found a way to test the impact of radio advertising on hard to reach prisoners, whilst they were still in prison

We’ve taken facial coding out of the lab and away from webcams, analysing emotional engagement in native surroundings at scale

We combine artificial intelligence with semiotics to extract cultural meaning from spoken language

We brought mental availability metrics to mainstream media research

We challenged the US centric generational cohort theory to find a better way to evaluate the so-called Millennial audience group

We give the edge to some of the world’s biggest brands

We don’t believe in being average

We do things differently, more effectively, and discover things that no one else has seen before. That gets us noticed.

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Our approach in action

Where skillsets converge, meaning emerges and knowledge becomes even more powerful. The results are compelling – and they keep us hungry for more.