VICE’s TV channel VICELAND had an enviable range of ground-breaking content, but ratings and awareness remained low. VICE asked us to create a strategy to grow its audience on linear TV and VOD.

We took a three-stage approach to the challenge. With limited existing data and knowledge, we first needed to establish who the core audience were and what they most appreciated about the channel. To do this we set up a UK-wide community of viewers to learn more about them and how they perceived VICELAND’s current niche.

Our next task was to define the existing ‘volume’ audience along with potential new audience opportunities for the channel. A large-scale online survey allowed us to identify audience groups who were most responsive to VICELAND content, but it also highlighted distribution as a key challenge. Subsequent TURF analysis and additional qualitative research deduced the best content and distribution combination to pull in these volume audiences.

“VICE on TV’s unique shows are now well placed to get the attention they deserve.”

Our research proved the catalyst for significant changes in VICE’s TV strategy. Brand architecture has been simplified with the renaming of the channel as ‘VICE on TV’ and a restructuring of the way in which content is presented online. Our TURF analysis showed that All 4 was an excellent option for increasing distribution, and this was first rolled out in 2018. With new audiences defined and distribution honed, VICE on TV’s unique shows are now well placed to get the attention they deserve.


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