Love Island Germany


ITV’s smash hit has defined recent summers in the UK. We helped ITV Studios turn it into a global phenomenon.

In the summer of 2017, when the Love Island franchise exploded out of the UK onto a world obsessed with intimate intrigue, Germany was its first hot date. ITV tasked us with uncovering how the audience responded to the new show and with helping them build a compelling case when selling the format to other markets.

We explored audience reactions to the episodes in real time as the first series unfolded.

We set out to understand what the audience liked most about the show (and anything they wanted to change), proving the benefit to the channel and sponsorship brands who’d come aboard. Our study brought together a diverse online community of viewers and explored their reactions to the episodes in real time as the first series unfolded. This generated valuable insights for production teams into what viewers loved about the show and how to improve it. We also captured the enthusiasm as Germany counted down the hours to the final climax! In parallel, we ran a pre- and post-wave (n=500) online survey to demonstrate the impact of the show on sponsorship brands and on the host channel RTL2.

Our findings showed why Love Island has such remarkable, global appeal – for viewers, brands and TV channels alike. We proved that sponsorship of the show delivered powerful returns. All major sponsorship brands saw significant uplifts in viewers’ perceptions.

As well as positively rating the sponsors, new viewers were significantly more likely to think favourably about the channel and consider returning for other programmes. This, twinned with our showcase of the excitement viewers felt about the show, was powerfully effective.

Armed with this evidence, ITV Studios has successfully sold the Love Island format to broadcasters in Sweden, Australia and the biggest catch of all – the US. Love really is on its way to making the world go round.


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